Monday, January 28, 2013

Temporarily Forget

Do you ever fantasize about a more perfect version of yourself? Is there, in your imagination, an idealized image of who you might become in the future? That can be a good thing if it motivates you to improve and grow. But it might also lead you to devalue the flawed but beautiful creation you are right now. It may harm your capacity for self-acceptance. Your assignment in the coming week is to temporarily forget about whom you might evolve into at some later date, and instead just love your crazy, mysterious life exactly as it is. 

- Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology

This is Virgo's weekly update but I think it works for everyone and anyone. I'm so loving this magical piece of advice, I feel way lighter just reading it on this snowy Monday morning ~

I had to pass it on to you, 

This Being Alivers

[as Painter-Girl Penny lovingly calls our tribe.]

STOP... give yourself a flippin' break. 

/temporarily forget about whom you might evolve into at some later date, and instead just love your crazy, mysterious life exactly as it is. 

ain't life grand?

xo b

Thursday, January 24, 2013

On That Light

It's really cold. Everybody's talking about it.

Kerry, soul-sister from the north country of Vermont, wrote 14 below up here.

Can that be right?

Bill, my brother who lives in the wilds of Ontario 

[see Lion's Head]

sent an email :

I receive this poem every winter and every winter I love re-reading it. It's a beautiful poem and very well written:


Beautiful, yes?

All this cold has me thinking of the mouse who was frozen to the edge of our garbage can the other night. 

scream scream at this discovery, run run from can silly silly sad sad

Poor little guy trying to climb inside to get warm or find a nibble to eat? Almost to the mountain top, only to perish?

And being a life-long follower of 

all things Beatrix Potter

I couldn't help thinking, 

if only mr. mousey 
was wearing a down vest 
and wool scarf 
and a red and white striped winter cap. 
if only.

But besides frozen pipes and ponds, and mice, besides that and other things that happen across my mind during the course of a day or a week, 

here's what I've been paying attention to lately

the light. 



the really lovely light

when I keep my eye  on that light 

and it's everywhere

i feel lighter in every way.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Most Unusual Day

Yesterday we woke to a snow-day

breathing day

Claire slept in, 
me too, 
cozy in bed,
tea and books 
and talking to Michael 
before heading out with shovels.

And Chewy, the big-eared dog, joyfully pronking 

[gazelles pronk]

with Ralphie, our cutest new neighbor. 

Cool air against skin
dogs running
and green trees with white snow


Made me think of the New Year leaf I set sail in the river and how each day I'm noticing that there is much to be joyful about, like

buying myself purple tulips

and soaking in the quiet of my house during this winter break from work, tending to my home, clearing out, boxing things up to give away [books, clothes, stuff]

putting spider plant and asparagus ferns in the tub for a cool rinse 

People are suffering from the loss of their precious children while others rage, yes rage with spittle coming out, at the thought of having their assault weapons not hunting rifles taken away and that somehow, if all the mental people could be listed in a database where we could keep track of them, I would be on the list, then for sure, people wouldn't be going into elementary schools or movie theaters, or mosques, or universities or _____________

and letting loose rounds of bullets on innocent beings...

which is why some days, it is good to slow down, if you can, and sweep the kitchen floor, light a candle, make a sandwich for your husband/wife/friend/child, enjoy the simple calmness of folding white bath towels, and speaking on the phone with a beloved daughter.

wash the ferns 
walk the dog
give thanks
while you sit still 
in the very quiet house 
and say over and over into the air

and remember

"Today is a most unusual day, because we have never lived it before; we will never live it again; it is the only day we have."

- William Arthur Ward 

oh my.

xo b

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mad About You

I like that sweater, Dad said,
But it's old and pilly, I said.
Old and silly is no longer a sin! he said.

and laughed.

Hugging me goodbye he looked me in the eye,

I'm mad about you, he said...

and you and you and you and you, I say

You are beautiful. let no soul tell you otherwise

xo b

Friday, January 4, 2013


I was feeling kinda low yesterday after talking to Dad. 

"Bets, I seem to be having some confusion," he said.
"That's okay, Dad."
"Josh, who works here told me that I'd not been feeling well last night but I don't really remember that and..."
"That's okay, Dad."
"I seem to be having confusion. Have you been watching the news about the Republicans and Democrats, how they need us to get out and vote. I want to do that and I hope you will too. I assume you're a Democrat?"
"Yup. I'm a Democrat, Dad."
"I remember my father, he had some confusion. He..."

So that felt kinda sad 

which is probably why I was yelling at the dog.

But today I was in a construction zone on the highway and there was a car which had some great bumper stickers on it, and one of them said in big letters


which made me feel instantly really happy so I rolled down my window and the people in the lemur car rolled down their window 

and I shouted


All 3 of us smiled 

and the woman driving clapped her hands.

note: trust all joy

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Float Your Dreams

At midnight 
we stepped out the front door 
and banged on pots and pans, 
to the dark starry sky and the street
and our neighbors tucked inside their homes.

and then we stayed up until past one, so wild

and claire
reading on the big bed and talking some too.

Today, January 1, 2013

We took our traditional drive to the river, 
this time up Old Mine Road along the Jersey side, 
where we wrote a few wishes on leaves with sharpies 

Usually I gather up fistfuls of leaves 
writing wishes like a madwoman, 
then floating them into the river
a strange sort of spiritual gimme gimme thing
so full of wanting and desiring in this being alive life
but today I kept it simple,

2 leaves

1. cultivate joy  not too complicated

and the other, my mantra

2. trust my path unflinching

which is pretty much my life work,
so flipping wonderful and so damn hard
and so worth coming back to
over and over and over,
year after year.

float your dreams.

Happy New Year, campers!

I love you.

xo b