Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Never Out Of Mind

August 26. 2014

I'm thinking, no matter what I post today all that matters is that I write something because the last time I was here was back in July and ever since I've wandered off from This Being Alive

out of sight but never out of mind, lovelies.

It's been a good wandering. 

Barcelona for my summer writing program; 

a baptism of 
map reading
new friends
the trill of Spanish in my ears
hands in the air

I fell in love. big big time.

I had the joy of teaching my Scratching on Paper writing workshop to the fabulous Upward Bound students of East Stroudsburg University. Shout out!

did yoga too.


Draped snakes around our necks? 

why? why?

I feel an urgency to play catch up, to connect, to let you know I'm still here. I've felt odd and cranky, like knowing you need to call a good friend but for some reason can't pick up the phone. You want to talk but feel full up? 

This summer, I've been deep into being alive.

what a concept! To live rather than think about it. hmmmm

Instead of taking time to be the recorder of my experiences, like blogging, other than my never-ending scribbles in notebooks, I've been on a quest to enjoy them. I've had outbursts of God, I am so happy right now. This has happened repeatedly, especially in Barcelona. (I've got my apartment picked out!)

I love

feeling it 
saying it 
sharing it.

Try it: I'm so happy.

When I feel those weird autumnal pangs and the familiar melancholy sweeping over me, it's starting, I'm going to remember and repeat my summer mantra until it washes over me, like the sun through the stained glass at Sagria Familia.

I am so happy
I am so happy