Thursday, May 24, 2018

heed the car wash, grasshopper 🌀

May 24. 2018

The car wash story has been on my tell-list from the beginning of the year.

Relax... Let the conveyor ease you through the wash 

That day, I followed the directions. Car in neutral, hands OFF the wheel.

It was thirty-seconds of ease. 

I've been fretting way too much about getting back here after being gone since January? I'm like my students who miss a few classes and never come back because they feel too weird or lost or embarrassed. Where have you been, I ask when (+ if) they return. Like when a friend says, catch me up on everything. How? I'll begin here:

Winter took it out of me, us. can I get an amen?

😳 We were in the company of thousands of other people. 

One storm (Toby?)left us eight days without heat, water, electricity. My mantra was, We have no power. I'm out of power - not a great mantra. That week was crashing trees, stoking the fire, a funky motel, sleeping at a friend's house, wandering through our dark cold house with camping lights.

Yup, this winter took it out of us.

Except for Chewy. 

Looking back it was a very tough labor with lots of cursing and moaning but today it's hard to remember how bad it was because the baby finally arrived.

I'm a little like this poem by Hafiz, like whoa what happened?
A Strange Feather

The craziness,
All the empty plots,
All the ghosts and fears,

All the grudges and sorrows have

I must have inhaled
    A strange

That Finally




I suck at letting the conveyor belt of life ease me through. Some days I am so white knuckling the steering wheel like I got you, mother f*cker. A serene image, yes?

Heed the car wash, grasshopper.

Relax... Let the conveyor ease you through the wash 

So right now, lift your hands off of whatever and float them up in the air.

Palms open.

xo b