Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Mother's Thanksgiving Prayer

A friend texted asking if I'd share my mother's Thanksgiving Prayer. 

Grateful for her reminder, I offer it to you, dear readers.

May you drop, even briefly, whatever burdens you're carrying. Take a moment to remember the goodness all around you, and in you. May we be humble and thankful and glad.

Take what you need + leave the rest. I'll write you on the other side of Thanksgiving. xo b

Thanksgiving Prayer

We come to this table today
humble and thankful and glad.
We are first thankful for the great miracle of life,
for the exultation of being human, for the capacity to love.
We are thankful for joys both great and simple -
For wonder, dreams and hope;
For the newness of each day:
For laughter and song and a merry heart
For compassion waiting within to be kindled;
For the forbearance of friends and the smile of a stranger;
For the arching of the earth and trees and heavens and the fruit of all three;
For the wisdom of the old;
The courage of the young
For the promise of the child;
For the strength that comes when needed;
For this family united here today.
Of those to whom much is given, much is required.
May we and our children remember this.