Thursday, April 8, 2010

Upside Down Frogs

I've been staying up way too late this past week so I'm writing this smack in the middle of the day. And since I'm of the Contemplative Tribe, we contemplate like nobody's business, I'm pondering all the things we humans think and talk how exactly does one fold a fitted sheet?

In this moment, I'm contemplating talking/not talking/quiet and what happens when we stop talking, even for a short while. The mind is like a swirling pond, all stirred up after a spring storm. It gets muddied; full of upside down frogs and other stuff. When we get quiet, all the stirred up stuff slowly drops to the bottom and settles down. Even those crazy frogs.

Take a moment. Get quiet. Sit somewhere, or better yet, lie down. Close your eyes. And watch the breath rise and fall in your body. Allow whatever rises in your mind to rise, then let it fall away; all the chatter, any worries, frustrations, even the joys. Sink into yourself, into the bottom of your own pond. And breathe.

Everything in life is pointing us back to our true nature. ~ Stephen Cope

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  1. I'll -find out- what happens when we stop talking...Heading off for the silent retreat in Assisi right after the last day of school.

    It can be damn uncomfortable and pretty scary until the frogs drop to the bottom and settle down, but it's worth it to go there, and I do believe we can then access our true selves.