Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Nice Thing

Jesse is a funny and inspirational leader/health coach who speaks to large groups a few nights a week about how to live well and feel great.

She can whip up a crowd of fifty into fits of laughter, people who are struggling with the very real issue of weight and food and all the emotions that go with it. This leader was once a super-shy teen who wouldn't even order for herself in a restaurant. You do it, Mom. Ain't it great how we can grow and change and spread our flipping wings?!!!

At last night's Weight Watcher's meeting she encouraged her members to speak up and give themselves 

a compliment.

That means coming up with something 

you like about yourself, 

or think you're good at, 

something that feels right about you.

And saying it out loud.

One woman said, "I shampooed my rugs."

Well,'s a start.

And God bless that lady.  

But don't you think we can do better than compliment ourselves on how good we clean a carpet? Why is it so hard to say nice things, but so easy to whip ourselves silly, or sick, with the nasties?

Before you go to bed tonight say 
one nice thing to yourself.

dig a little deeper ...

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