Sunday, July 21, 2013

In The Fabric Of Things

This is what the heart knows beyond all words, if we can find a way to listen: that beyond our small sense of things a magnificent light surrounds us, more than anyone could ask for. This is what prayer as gratitude can open us up to.

~ Center yourself, and as you breathe, close your eyes and cease all asking.

~ Simply breathe with gratitude for the air.

~ Relax and feel your frailties and imperfections, and let the simple air fill them.

~ Breathe deeply and slowly, and from your tender imperfect insides, ask for nothing and give nothing: just feel without words your soul's place in the fabric of things.

-  The Book Of Awakening by Mark Nepo

The Book Of Awakening is one of the most beautiful, healing books I've ever read. I keep it by my bed, carry it from room to room, travel with it.

Peace and blessing to you on this Sunday. xo b

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