Monday, November 4, 2013

Falling Back

Falling back an hour brought a morning of light for us. 
Everyone seemed more up in the house at six-thirty, myself included. Although Claire was somewhat troubled that with this new morning light, everyone could see her at the bus stop [and me too.] 

Most mornings I'm rocking that 

just crawled out of a tent look. 

no photo available. 

Elizabeth said, " Bean, I'll give you a Snicker bar if you'll drive me to school,

I said thanks but no thanks to the Snickers [highly suspectl behavior] 

just say no

but yes to driving her.  

It was a gorgeous ride, 
country roads with swirling 
gold-yellow leaves floating down. 
It was a Wow-ride.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing 
anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks, Ralph. 


Following up on what I'm dubbing 

The Delightful Project

is another short story about the word,


and how it keeps popping up ~

My friend, Naomi, has a four year old son, Mason. Mason woke up very early on Saturday morning after a raucous night with his not-going-to-bed cousin, Magnolia. 

[sister's name, Violet. I'm detecting a theme...]

Giving Mason his morning hug, Naomi asked,

How are you, buddy? 

Mason said, I'm delightful,Mommy. 

Naomi doesn't know where he heard that word or why it came to him like that, out of the bluebut that's a big 3 in one week

+ all the other I'm delightfuls 

I keep saying while 
driving my car
walking the dog
emptying the dishwasher 
freaking out
brushing my teeth that can be a little messy, but try it.

xo b

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