Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Inner Joan Crawford

January 19. 2014

Suffering comes from our unwillingness to be present.

Living your yoga: Today notice five recurring thoughts that take you away from your life as it is. Write them down. When you have a chance, burn the paper lovingly, and let those thoughts drift away with the smoke. 

- Judith Hanson Lasater

This new year, I'm making a conscious effort to stay in my bed,in the present moment, right there under the covers when I first wake up. Do you have to work on this too? 

Or maybe you're thinking,

Why does she do that to herself? Yes, why? 

bad habit.

In the midst of winter and life's challenges and joys, I'm trying not to wander off as soon as my hazel eyes open to God knows what imaginary place my ego wants to drag me to. 

Jesus, you again?

me as future bag lady on the street?
me as sex-crazed teen oh those were the days

I'm happy to report that I've been 
more positive than usual 
in the dead of winter, 
currently unemployed, 
while fixing burst pipes during a Polar Vortex.

problems = challenges 
a matter of semantics, but it works.

This morning, I sensed my inner Joan Crawford wielding her wire hanger. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but she was poised to get on a tear, on the periphery, red-lipsticked mouth. 

Joan is such a drama queen.

Rather than fall prey to Joan,
I pulled out my yoga mat, 
made a lovely cup of tea, 
read today's A Year of Living Your Yoga meditation

+ decided to try Judith's advice.

I wrote down my five recurring thoughts and burned those babies in my fireplace. Lovingly of course. 

ah. ashes to ashes

Torch your worries? 

Don't have a fireplace, or big-ass bonfire? 
There's always the toilet or kitchen sink.
Light those nagging thoughts 
and rinse.
or flush.

Lovingly, of course.

the burn queen. 

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