Sunday, February 16, 2014

Right About Now

February 16. 2014

Right about now I start thinking about flowers and dirt under my nails and wearing a hat to keep the sun off my face. Right about now I start thinking about open windows, white curtains fluttering in the soft summer breeze, stretching out on my big bed, freshly showered after working in the yard all afternoon. Bare feet grass-stained no matter how hard I scrub. 

Right about now I start thinking about sitting on the back steps with an ice cold beer on a hot afternoon, butterflies dipping into the the butterfly bush fed all these years by my mother's and Homey's ashes. Mom and my old orange cat folded into the soil with prayers and wishes written on squares of construction paper: pink, red, green, blue wishes. Somewhere I have a photo of Homey sleeping on Mom's stomach while she reads on the red corduroy couch. 

There's that question: 

if you could have dinner with anyone? 


Right about now I am not thinking about Pee Wee Herman

From a mental health perspective, I call this a victory. Really.

We've been doing some shoveling, a lot. no kidding. I dug Jesse out of a snowbank, not Jesse herself, but her little red car, which left me feeling quite good about myself ~

Wow I'm pretty good at digging people out of things.

My body feels strong + a little like I've been involved in a round of weekend cage fighting so it's lovely to write from the big bed, home of warm blankets, books, notebook, tea and sweet old Owen.

ain't life grand? 

Right about now I am sending you blessings on this winter morning + a simple prayer which I end all my yoga classes with:

May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you be peaceful
May you live with ease

pass it on.

xo b

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