Sunday, March 16, 2014

Person With A Smile Too Big

March 16. 2014

This morning Claire and I went for our 

Sunday artist date.

1. Get out of the house
2. Drink hot tea and watch people on Main Street
3. Spend time with my fourteen year old. 14?!!
4. Write + Draw
5. Eavesdrop on other people's conversations, or rants from the table behind us

Do you know this story? A German couple came to this country, wanting to home school their children. We all know Germany is a God-less country. These people just wanted to practice their religion. Somehow, our Attorney General sent them back to Germany! 

Husband: Honey, you're starting to get on your soapbox...

It just makes me sick, people coming across the border and we have to pay for their health care with OUR taxes... hiss.

Claire was drawing.

I was writing, but mostly curious about the hisser. 

blue pants suit, pumps, handbag, thinning hair, glasses

We went to the library. I got two books,

as part of my on-going research about Henny Penny + Chicken Little, apparently they're one and the same, two nervous apron-wringing birds. 

"What's your book about, Claire?" I asked. 

teens throwing their lives away through sex drugs and alcohol, she said

Later I spoke to Dad on the phone/ 

How is your new room-mate?

Well, he's almost a hundred so he's not always there. You have to give him some leeway if you know what I mean...

Leeway's good, Dad!


I am thinking about the postcards Michael sends Claire, 

almost every day one or two arrive ~

person with a smile too big for their face 


which reminds me of the Rumi I keep reading over and over -

don't go to the neighborhood of despair
there is hope.
don't go in the direction of darkness:
suns exist.

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