Sunday, October 18, 2015

That Infuriating Sage-Calmness

October 18, 2015

There's a story about some wise men, let's say wise people, who've gone to see a local Sage. Sage pours tea into their cups which sounds lovely but he keeps pouring, sitting there with a smile on his face, tea spilling over the rims of the cups. The wise people don't say anything at first, even though they're losing it on the inside.

Can you point things out to a sage? I vote yes but be prepared for the answer.

They watch until they can't not say something. 

Um, Excuse us, but tea is spilling everywhere!!

Sage, in that infuriating sage-calmness says -

empty yourselves
therein is the silence
and in the silence
your answers

xo b

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