Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday Night is Garbage Night

July 25. 2017

I post notes to remind myself about things that I want (and need) to remember.

Like, Monday night is Garbage Night. It used to be Thursday night and then it got switched and messed me up for a few weeks. That's when I wrote myself a note.

 Trust the path unfolding is the mantra I mumbled when I started this blog seven years ago. I think the original was - trust my path unflinching. Key word being, trust. I've been flinching all along, but no so much anymore. Like anything, the more you practice, the more ease shows up. More ease, less flinching. More trust, less twitching. 

Besides the garbage, what do you need to remember? I've got notes all over the house. 

At the beach I wandered around picking up sticks and ribbons and seaweed and tied this weird curvy sculpture together. I had more fun playing around with this and not thinking at all about how it was going to turn out. Collect a few things and make something. paper clips, ribbon, a pencil? 

It can be any combination. Don't think about it. Build and feel the Quick therapy.

See what happens with all of it...

relationships • work • traveling to some place you've never been • changing your mind  • loving yourself • loving the dog • caring for an old Dad or Mom • watching kids grow up • letting go • holding on • not taking the lid off the rice before its done • speaking up • saying less • changing your mind again (it's ok) • wearing the striped pants • planting seeds in July • letting yourself rest • 

Some things are clear: Monday Night is Garbage Night. 

We are an experiment in tenderness trust staying connected keeping it real.
🌀xo b