Friday, October 5, 2012

How Does All This Work Out?

some thoughts on motherhood, marriage, learning to love my own face in the mirror, wondering about the lady in the tangerine coat in the bean aisle at the market...the usual suspects.

I've written about marriage plenty.

journals packed with marriage-mania, short pieces and plays, monologues, and a full-length play about my marriage, or should I say, Evelyn's marriage, the tender character who spoke for me, 

or through me in Pieces Of Evelyn.

Evelyn's voice flowed as easy as...

pouring myself a glass of cold water? 

I couldn't shut her up.

But on this blog, not so much...

rejoice in 
freak out over
and think WTF
about marriage (and all kinds of other things)

or as Claire asked the other day,

Just how does all this work out? 

speaking about LIFE in general, I think.

Who knows.

So I'm offering up this wonderful read

The Nature Of It

by most gifted writer, Kerry Jackson

It's lovely in every way.

xo b

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