Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lean Into The Light

Solstice Burn

writing wishes on torn pieces 
of cardboard from pizza box

wishes = 

creative successes 
laughing more

toss in old beliefs , outworn worries =

fear, anxiety, self-doubt, all the heavies

+ sweet green pine branches from our fallen trees

We burned into the darkness, 
pulling Hershey kisses from pants pockets 

sweet communion treats

sipping from green glasses of red wine

lifting hands and faces 

to stars moon clouds snow

Claire did an Irish jig.

Chewy, big-eared dog = a wolf in the dark

waiting for one more throw of the tennis ball

More pine.

Oh, how I love the burn.

And the glow of light
and my best friend brother
and blooming daughter(s)

pinch ourselves = we're still here!


this being alive

lean into the light.

xo b

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