Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mildly Interesting

Chewy licks the palms of my hands
while I am curled in child's pose
An uncomplicated kiss from a dog,
wet nose into my neck and then
his body weight collapses against me
he goes down with a sigh.

Owen watches from the edge 
of green sofa, paws tucked
not like a sphinx but my 
old orange cat in meditation
of stillness, he watches out the window
flecks of snow floating

A winter morning.

Skipping through little book of meditations from
A Year of Living Your Yoga
land on December 25

We often spend our days enmeshed in our own dramas. This is mildly interesting but ultimately boring. Remember to say to yourself the ultimate Mantra for Daily Living:

get over yourself.

A loving slap up side the head.

namaste, lovelies.

xo b

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