Monday, October 7, 2013

Sweet Lizard Brain

There are no pre-requisites to being worthy. 

- Brene Brown 

I love that. It cracks open my messier places, the whole who do you think you are voice that shows up especially when I feel myself leaning into my writing or

my life as it is in this moment regardless of 

bank account
____________(fill in the blank)

or the when are you going to get it together voice lurking in the wings to pounce when my small mind starts taking inventory on all the things that seem terribly wrong.

Cheri Huber, Buddhist meditation teacher has a wonderful line:

there's nothing wrong with you

Then she takes it a step further, chuckling when she says it because she says, people just can't handle this one... She says, 

there's nothing wrong. period.

small mind will argue on this one, 
sputtering and poking its finger in your face but that's what it does, 

sweet old lizard brain.

It's just trying to protect us from Woolly Mammoths.

Even full of doubt over pretty much everything these days, I'm whispering these mantras from Brene, Cheri, and the one I began this blog with -  

trust my path unflinching 

even when I can't see the path.

There are no prerequisites to this being alive. 
Stand for yourself today.
Practice kindness wherever you go.
Breathe in the ordinary moment.



  1. Hello, Bets. Enjoyed your post, as always, and the meditation teacher's lines. Thanks for sharing.

    I've read two books in the last year that I really loved and thought you might also find worthwhile: Bird by Bird (on writing and life) by Anna Lamott, and You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment by the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Have you read either?


  2. That should say Anne Lamott. Great writer.