Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This Not So Spiritual Thought

I had this not so spiritual thought after dropping Claire off at her middle school, too many yellow buses and streams of kids and my kid taking a deep breath before stepping out into the kid-stream, 

After I said, 

don't let the bastards get you down, honey

mommy's little mantra

After driving back home past the old man lumbering into the laundry mat, thinking how un-shiny this town has gotten, 
really run-down in spots and kinda sad,

and the thought that occasionally sweeps over me,

I gotta get out of here

After that, I had this not so spiritual thought 

waiting for the light to turn green 

that Oprah, after enjoying a meal of fresh organic vegetables from her Maui garden, lovingly prepared by her personal chef, finds herself in the pantry frantically pulling out a big bag of Ruffles potato chips and starts shoving handfuls into her mouth while the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean.



  1. I am in the closet. . . with Oprah, eating chocolate chip cookies, we are both nice so we are sharing!!!