Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Had To Thank My Dog

You wouldn't know this unless I tell you. I had a whole piece written and ready to post and then I veered off, went to check my email, or did I click on another site - see, I can't even remember, and then the whole thing was lost. All my brilliant funny words erased. 

There was something in there about Pamela Anderson from Baywatch which was very funny, so I thought and then, I didn't hit save. It was clearly for the best...

It's all so perfect because I'd been writing about the way we (I) carry on about the smallest things most days, like having to take Chewy out in the morning. Usually no later than 7 am. Chewy doesn't know Saturday from Wednesday, or that my bed feels extra warm and I don't want to get up. I end up having bitch sessions in my head while pulling on my boots and coat, muttering to him about needing a break and all kinds of things. 

Dammit, Chewy! Don't you get that I just need a break?

He doesn't get it.

I put on the kettle and a pair of mittens and we step out the back door into the cold air and all the snow and the sun coming up through the trees 

I had to thank my dog.

Tonight I took him out again, for like the seventeenth time today, and there was the fat moon coming up behind the trees and the air was still and cold and my neighbor let her dog out and we talked about our gardens over the snowbanks. The two dogs rolled over each other in the snow and then did a big loop through the trees.  I thought about the stories I weave, my bitching stories, about the dog, or possibly a cow in my parking space, all the mundane things I can natter on about in my head and I had to laugh. 

Out loud. 

Because it's really funny if you think about the stuff you (I) go on about when you could be soaking up the sun or swallowing the moon instead. 

xo b

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