Sunday, January 17, 2016

the cow in the parking lot

You are at the grand opening of a new shopping mall on the edge of town. You've been driving around looking for a parking space for ten minutes. At last, right in front of you, a car pulls out of a spot. You hit your turn signal and wait as the car backs out. Suddenly, from the other direction, comes a Jeep that pulls into the space. Not only that, but when you honk, the driver gets out, smirks, and gives you the finger.

Are you angry?

Now change the scene ever so slightly. Instead of a brash Jeep driver, a cow walks into the space from the other direction and settles down in the middle of it. When you honk, she looks up and moos but doesn't budge. 

Are you angry?

- The Cow In The Parking Lot
A Contemporary Zen Parable

I returned most of the books from last week's *list. It was time to clean up, clear out. Clearing your space: bed, fridge, closet, junk drawer, head, is a simple, yet powerful action. 

So is opening windows in the middle of January.  

So is buying tulips. 

xo b

*(see last week's post: little excursions

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  1. Tulips are lovely and I truly believe I have met the cow.
    Love to you and yours.