Wednesday, August 1, 2018

word(s) for the day #1

word(s) for the day

August 1. 2018

While ~ 

downsizing and deconstructing a beloved home of fifteen years to move across the country to California into a postage stamp house, bracing this mother's heart to drop Claire off at college (California State University Long Beach) on August 18th, then flying back to Pennsylvania to keep packing up and get the dog (remember Chewy?) to drive across the country because he'd lose his marbles in the cargo of a plane, probably flying back again to deal with the house and then leaving the best people (like Jesse and E and my brothers and Ollie and Luca and Jessica and and Pearly and Ann and...on and on

I've been kinda losing my mind and crying a lot. Emptying a junk drawer can send me. Try it. See what happens. In one of my podcasts #14? I talked about STUFF and how we live with stuff and what happens when you let go of your stuff. It's not just on the physical plane, people.

There's some serious shedding going on. 

Yes, this is a big adventure and life happens outside of the comfort zone 😁 and I'm absolutely privileged to have the opportunities to do the things I do, and people are encouraging and my husband who has been working and doing the bi-coastal thing for a long time is so excited.

And it still sucks.

Apparently, moving is one of the top 3 things that put people over the edge, along with dying and losing someone you love? It all makes me breathless which is why I'm sitting on the back porch drinking a cold beer while the dog sleeps in the sun why does he do that? It's so hot. ☀️

The plan is to post a word for the day for the month of August. That's the plan. 

Maybe we can all pause and breathe and well, see what happens. 

b 🌀


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