Thursday, August 2, 2018

word(s) for the day #2

word(s) for the day 

August 2. 2018

First, today is my daughter, Jesse's birthday.

Happy Birthday, my sweet. 🎉

Jesse's birthday is one of the happiest days of my life. I remember her steady blue-eyed gaze, the delicious lightness of her in my arms. I was twenty-two and famished after 24 hours of labor so we ordered a pizza. I ate three slices, took a four hour nap, then walked out of the hospital five hours later with baby in my arms and went back to our little apartment on N. Winooski Avenue in Burlington, VT.


Every day she shows me the Warrior Way with her strong, refreshingly direct, compassionate energy in the world. When life threw breast cancer in her path at the age of thirty-one, she doubled down on her inner strength.

Mom, I don't have time for negative thinking. 

Five years later, she is a key person in helping others with cancer navigate the insanity of the financial/insurance aspect. Recently she was promoted to Manager of Oncology Financial Services at St. Luke's. She's playing with the big dogs now and doesn't let anyone off the hook when it comes to patient care. Her patients fall in love with her strength, candor and insistence on living, rarely ever knowing that she was one of them.

She told her breast surgeon years ago, I think you need a happy person at this place. 


Just for today: trust I really need this one.

trust that you are where you need to be
trust that all is well 
trust in the mystery guiding you to the next right thing
trust that life is beautiful in all its wonder and weirdness

xo b 

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