Monday, June 3, 2019

Like a Dump Truck 🌀

June 3. 2019

The tale goes like this: Seeking person is visiting a Wise One. The cups and teapot are brought out. Seeking person is talking, asking questions, while the Wise One pours tea from the pot. Seeking person watches as the beautiful golden tea flows into the cup. Seeking person feels good. They will have tea and find the answers. But the Wise One keeps pouring. Seeking person wonders what the heck is going on. The cup is full, overflowing onto the table, then the floor.

Seeking person says, Um, WTF, what are you doing, Wise One?

Wise One says, Your mind is overflowing, too full of ideas and worries. Empty yourself.

I'd written a whole other section here about clearing my head of self-help books and podcasts and even taking a break from therapy - how much can you talk about stuff, really? And how all that becomes even more stuff we've got in our heads, always seeking to figure out. It read okay but lacked clarity so I went to Ralph's, the local market. We needed lemons and pecans (and red wine). Clarity comes when you stop seeking it, grasshopper. I got my head emptied like a dump truck right there in the check-out line thanks to my cashier.

My cashier said, They call me Hostage, in an Indian accent maybe? Robert Hostage.
James, the bagger, asked, "What time is it?" and Hostage said, "It's a very good time, James."
Hostage looked at me and said, "Keep smiling, this is a beautiful world, keep smiling," which I hadn't considered after seeking a parking spot ten minutes before. Parking is like bumper cars at Ralph's. I think I have a worried look on my face a lot and don't realize it. 😳

All this to say, 

Wherever you are today, while I sit in my little house in Los Angeles - I'm wishing you well. I'm wishing you ease. Actually, I'm wishing you an ordinary day, without too much seeking and fixing, and spilling all over the place. Without sounding too self-helpy, cause I know I can be that way, I'm reminding you that it's a very good time, right now. 

xo b


  1. So happy I stumbled on this today. I'd lost track of you. I miss you. Could say I was seeking you. Now you're found. Your Shop at Ralph's therapy sounds like a great modality. I think you should go even when you don't have a list. Cart-free is the best seeking experience. XO Davey

  2. Hello there, Here's to stumbling. So happy to be found. I think going w/out a list is a great idea. Thank you for writing. xo B