Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being Twenty

Stephanie was our cashier at Target today. Through the course of checking out, we got on the subject of birthdays.

"Today's my Dad's birthday," she said.
"Oh! That's neat. It's my brother's birthday today too!" I said, "And then Saturday is Bill's birthday. He's another brother. Next Monday is my daughter's birthday. It's a birthday sweep."
"Well, tomorrow's my birthday," Stephanie said.
"How old are you going to be?" I asked.
I don't know why I asked. I rarely do.
"Ugh. Twenty," Stephanie said.
"Twenty?" I said. The low groan threw me off.
"Yes. I feel so old!" she said, handing me the receipt.

Stephanie, Stephanie, I wanted to say. But I didn't.

I just smiled and said "You're gonna love being twenty."

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