Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ride A Bike

After spending the last ten days on my red bike, and hardly ever getting in our car, this bumper sticker felt just right. I spotted it in the Delaware Water Gap at the traffic light near the trolley place.

Gas sucks. Ride a bike.

I've vowed to keep riding!

Missing the sound of the ocean and all kinds of other things, like Claire. [We left her with her Uncle Rob until Sunday.] No tent zippers to close, no bush to pee in at two in the morning, no cold shower to ride to on my bike in the morning. I get easily attached to things...

And did I mention the lifeguards?

But home feels good. It's quiet here.

Sleeping in my cushy bed tonight will be bliss in spite of the love affair I developed with our air mattress this past week. It's deflated and put away until the next camping trip, or until company comes.

Time now for bed and book. Sweet dreams, dear readers...

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