Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Water Gap Players

This is the most recent incarnation of The Water Gap Players, an oddball, free-flowing collection of people who love to act; that's what we do.

Everyone holds a day (or night) job such as chaplain in a psyche ward [hail Leah], instructional aide in a kindergarten classroom, facilitator of workshops dealing with domestic violence in the military, smoking cessation counselor, bartender/innkeeper, writer.

Okay: writing is my day job.

But the heck with the day jobs! What matters is that we rehearsed for the last two months, so we could put on a show. And we did!

Last night we turned The Deerhead Inn, beloved local jazz club, into a black box theater for the 2nd time this year. Tables were moved out of the way, chairs were set up, drinks served... lights, great audience. Go.

I write plays. Lucky for me, these people like to be in them. Toss in a receptive crowd from the community who support us so generously, and I'm weeping with gratitude. I know, this is sounding a bit Waiting for Guffman-ish. You know, Corky St. Claire? I don't care. [see the movie. you'll pee your pants!]

I'm feeling like a mother who just gave birth to quadruplets. Tired, but really happy. The tired thing may be from the sorta cast party where we ended up at the Minisink [local watering hole] around 11:00 pm, cranked up the juke box, inhaled sandwiches at midnight, shot pool, and engaged in a minor dance party before heading home at 1:30 am.

Remember me, dear readers? The one who's in bed with book by nine?

I feel like Grace, a character from my play, "Ziggy's Fish"...

I was all lit up, Mark. Like a Christmas tree...

I was all lit up!

[l to r: Denny Carrig, me, Dave Hymes, Ann Matthews, Leah Thomas, Joe Arner...missing from this photo, Teri Dellaria & Ed Arner]


  1. A JOY to behold! LAUGH was the order of the night!! More, more!!! :-)

  2. Thanks, Gail! You were a shining face in the crowd. Stay tuned...xo b

  3. The dance party at the end was really, really fun..

  4. I GREATLY enjoyed it! Let me know when the next one is!!