Friday, March 18, 2011

I'd Do That

When my two brothers showed up to help with Dad,

I crashed... 

That's the way it goes.

Even with all my phobias; 

hospitals, elevators, ICU, neck collars, a *Dad with a broken neck, I was strong like bull the first days after his accident. 

I held up fine. 

Then I got sick and tired and had to cancel yoga today. 

That felt lousy, until I got this email: 

"Take care of yourself. That's what you'd tell us to do." 

That felt lovely.

So, I'm curious. How do you get to be a writer for Yogi tea bags? Do they have a human resource department? I'll stretch out in the window seat with a mug of Throat Coat and watch squirrels poke their paws around in the yard. I'll dream up simple sentences to lift spirits and drop heavy shoulders. I'd do that.

Here's one for you ~ You're fine. 

ps. Miracle of miracles, Dad's doing really fine too.


  1. You're fine. That's a great tea bag!

  2. Feel better, Betsy! Good to hear that you're brothers are here. And I think you would write the BEST tea bags.