Monday, March 7, 2011

Kinda Sexy

On Saturday, after I'd gotten home from my yoga class, Michael and I climbed back into bed and buried ourselves under the blankets. 

(Warning! Parents will do this when child is at a sleep-over.) 

At some point, the yard was calling to us, come, my pretties, there's much work to be done! Or, it might've been Chewy whining to go out. We got our butts out of bed and smooshed around the muddy yard with our gardening tools and wheelbarrow. We raked up fallen sticks, pruned a bush, swept off the back porch, stacked wood, and tossed the tennis ball to Chewy eighty-seven times. At least.

All this together-ness had me feeling that warm fuzzy love thing which is like when a really good friend calls. You know, the one you don't touch base with often enough? I found myself gazing at Michael, jeans rolled up over his green boots, rake in hand, thinking God, I love a guy who rakes!
"You know something, Michael?"
"What, honey?"
"I almost like being outside in the yard with you as much as I like being in bed together."
"Are you saying, you prefer my skills in the yard to my..."
He is grinning. "Gosh, honey, you really know how to make a guy feel..."
"No, no! See, I didn't say that right. I didn't mean it like that."
I slid my arms around his waist and leaned my head into his back. My husband is so much taller than me this backwards hug always feel like I'm hugging a tree? I love trees so...
"It's just that it's another way for us to spend time together."
"That's true," he said, "I'm having a very nice time, honey."
"I am too. Yes! And see how good the porch looks, all swept up, not so chaotic looking. It's kinda sexy."

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