Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Very Good Place To Start

I stayed in bed this morning, resting. This stuffy head has sucked the chi right out of me. But by 10:30, I knew I had to move. I showered, pulled on my old work pants and grabbed my big girl rake to clean out the small patch of garden by the back door. The air felt good blowing around my head. 

Next, broom therapy on the back steps ~ 

The surprise was landing in the kitchen. It wasn't planned. I was home alone. Read, write, rest. But I opened a drawer instead...

Teri says, "Want to change your day? Clean out a junk drawer."

I cleaned out three 

...and peeled old contact paper off of shelves. Unexpected joy ran through me, sticky paper lifting up in my hands. A Live from the Met opera streamed out of Mom's red radio on the kitchen counter, spurring me on. Kinda dramatica, eh?

If I hesitated over tossing something, I heard her, 

be ruthless, darling. get rid of it.

If I was a giant, I'd turn the house upside down, empty it out, then turn it right side up and stand in the open space. ah.

A junk drawer is a very good place to start.


  1. Such a funny funny image for me!
    Love it and You!

  2. missed you at class today, but so happy you spent your time relaxing and enjoying yourself! <3

  3. thanks for checking in! it means the world!!!

    well, it's sunday morning, on the couch with box of kleenex, stuffed up head, feeling low so probably need to clean out another drawer... dog gnawing on his bone at my feet. What more can one do?


    xo b

    ps. i've missed 3 yoga classes this week. time to heal!