Thursday, July 21, 2011

And No Fear

Yesterday Claire and I went to a quiet spot along the river to cool off. She was restless in anticipation of her trip to California. We needed to get out of the house.

"It feels like forever," she said.
"It feels like too fast,"I said.

We floated around, sliding over smooth rocks just below the surface. 

We left the house @ 6:45 this morning to get to Newark Airport with plenty of time to spare. Claire packed very light, I still have empty space in here, using her Grandmother Dorothy's well-traveled suitcase.

"That bag's been around, Claire. London, Paris, Copenhagen, Florence, Venice..."
"That sounds good," she said.

Miraculously, Lois, the woman at the check-in for un-accompanied minors allowed both Michael and I to take Claire to the gate. Usually, it's one parent only. 
I kept thinking, wasn't I just breast-feeding this kid?
Okay, so that's weird and Claire would be mortified, but now I'm sending her on a plane, solo, three thousand miles across the...

The lady's voice came over the loudspeaker, calling for boarding to begin. The crowd swelled. A quick hug and then Claire followed a man in a blue shirt who worked for the airlines down the ramp. She turned around twice, waved, then scurried behind him with Grandma Dorothy's bag in tow. 

I felt a sob come up but told myself, no. 

Michael and I stayed until the plane was out of sight, then walked away from the gate passing this Meditation Room which I almost ducked into for a quick breather, prayer, moment of silence.

I know this. 
We all gotta fly. 
And the thing is to keep on flying, 
coming home to rest and nest, then fly some more. 
The thing is to spread your wings. 
You don't need a plane for that.
But I have a feeling this will be the first of many trips to the airport with Claire. 
She's got the bug, an adventurous spirit.
And no fear. 

"It's kinda weird, Mom, but I don't feel nervous at all."
"Gosh, Claire, that sounds so wonderful. Can I have some of that?"


4:00 pm EST.

The eagle has landed...



  1. How close to home: I too was toting a faithful bag through EWR, terminal "C", around 1030 this morning--and had the same urge as you when I noticed the "meditation room" for the first time! Maybe if we'd both ducked in we would have spotted the other....
    I'm glad Claire caught the bug; if it's anything like mine it will stick around a while, give her a one up in conversation, and (literally) take her great places!

    Today: returning from a conference in Orlando, where I successfully gave Disney $0
    Next stop: grizzly and wildflower spotting in Glacier Park, MT

    The best to you all!

  2. Oh, thanks for writing. Yes, terminal "C", right around that time. Her flight was 10:15 blast off ~ Where were you heading or coming from, faithful bag in hand?

    Disney $0. They've got plenty.
    Glacier Park sounds divine...

    Always so good to hear from you. xo b