Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crowing Away

This morning was the first annual Quiet Valley Rooster Run...

Tour the Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm property over hill and dale, past the farm ponds, pastures, apple orchards and historical buildings. Course has varying surfaces including grass, dirt, gravel and paved roads.

Claire and Michael took the dare. My niece, Reeve, and I were content to cheer from the shade of a large maple tree handing out cups of water to red-faced runners.

It was one of those steamy July mornings. 

It was a hard race. Over hill and dale was no joke

"At one spot there was a skinny path, Mom, we had to go in single file. Some lady fell in the mud," Claire said, gulping her water.
Michael said, "I could hear the rooster crowing as I was running through the woods."
"Was it the guy in the rooster suit?" I asked.
He'd come across the finish line, flapping his wings and crowing, in spite of having just run a 5K in a rooster suit.

"No, it was the real rooster, crowing away."

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  1. THANK YOU (on behalf of Quiet Valley & "the Guy in the Rooster Costume" for your family's participation in the 1st annual Roster Run! We hoe a good time was had by all and that the runners enjoyed the "over hill and dale" views of the farm! Congrats on the finish & thanks again for your support!