Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your Own Quirkiness

Claire suggested I get one of those professional photographs taken...

"You know, Mom. Where your hair is done and a little of this and a dab here, a dab there."

She didn't say it exactly like that. But I got her drift. So I asked Michael to take a few pictures of me out by the tree with our frog prince. I don't think this is what Claire had in mind. But that's okay. Maybe one of these days, just for the fun of it, I'll get someone to pull me together and gloss me up. dab here. dab there.

Honestly, fabulous woman in the red dress aside, 

this is me. 

Hanging with a frog prince and his tattered crown.

Who knows? Tomorrow I might break out my boa.

In order to be an "original", you have to enjoy and accept your own "quirkiness". 

- chandra alexander


  1. beautiful picture of you! Love, Sara

  2. Thanks for stopping by!!

    xoxo always, b