Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Don't Eat Cupcakes

Yesterday's substitute plans included another *code 


which, if you ask me 

looked dangerously close to 


Upon closer inspection I saw it had been broken out to

Students Will Understand That


In the computer lab a boy looked at me and said, 

I know a lot about cars.
I know when the ABS light pops up on the dashboard it means your anti-brake system is in trouble
Do you know the Ford Windstar?
There's a whole lot of problems with all of them
Windshield fluid
Oil light
Engine light

"What's your name?" I asked.

I was so dazzled by Tommy I followed him to his computer, all the while jotting down furiously on a scrap of paper his version of Car Talk.

Yea, we just got our car fixed
It cost us over $700 and something's still not right
But my Dad got the Car MD
It's a scanner that you run over the engine and it lights up if there's a problem

Tommy was pudgy with shaggy hair and baggy shirt 

see middle aged man minus the hair 

I really wanted to hang with him but it was time for 

Math Houses lots of little windows to cut out

and a whole lot of glitter

Tommy and I crossed paths again at recess. He was walking around the parking lot all by himself so I said, "I'll race you!" and we ran to the end of the lot. Someone kicked a soccer ball our way so we had a little back and forth with that.

Close to the end of the day he came into my classroom with a tray of mini swirly-topped cupcakes from the market. 

I said, "Oh no thanks," like I don't eat cupcakes would rather have carrots thanks so much bullshit, but his face sagged just a little so I said,"I'll have a chocolate one, please," and he held the plastic tray out to me. 

Pick whatever you want, he said.

"How old?" I said.
"My favorite year," I said "Happy Birthday, Tommy!"

Happy Birthday! my students shouted

as they watched me, mouths hanging open,

pop that mini chocolate cupcake 
into my mouth 
in one bite

*read TSWBAT / Nov. 9, 2011


  1. Love love love this one :) (and that little boy)

  2. love love love you! thanks for checking in. xoxo b