Monday, December 5, 2011

The Little Red Hen & Other Things

I spent Friday with a room full of first graders doing the sub thing in my friend's open, sunny, peaceful room. 

open + sunny + peaceful = Robin

I sat on the rocking chair, kids on the floor 

(Mother Goose?) 

and read The Little Red Hen.

Who will help me cut this wheat?
Not I, meowed the cat.
Not I, squeaked the rat.
Not I, barked the dog. 

Then I will do it myself, said The Little Red Hen.

Afterwards we chatted about helping out. 

"I help my Mom sweep the kitchen floor."
"I help my Mom do the dishes."
"I help my Mom fold the laundry!"
"Any Dads out there?" I asked.
"My mom and dad way awound and I do all the work." 

I'm into waying awound.

It was the most beautiful December day:

blue skies
warm sun
cool air
fat hawk high in a tree

which had me thinking of the headline in the paper:

The World Is Our Classroom 

which is exactly right, don't you think? 

So why is it that little kids (and big!) 
only get fifteen minutes a day to be out in the sunshine (or rain or snow) running around, turning rocks over, bird watching, making up dance moves... 

and for that matter, teachers too. 

Breathing room.

Why aren't we outside cutting wheat with kids?

Take off your shoes.
Stand in the grass. 
Feel the earth underneath your sweet feet.

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