Thursday, November 15, 2012

All Out Of Knees

Michael's in for his second knee surgery, 
nothing too serious, snipping this, cleaning up, 

I'm thinking he's all out of knees so 

I hope this takes.

I'm sitting 
in the waiting room
big windows
lots of sunlight 
book/laptop/journal, crunchy apple...

~ learning to retreat wherever I am.

even with the guy on his cell phone 
across from me prattling on in a too loud voice

okay, send me the proposal, okay, tell him that he'll have the 167 for Monday night and we're just waiting to get everything done with 169 before hand.. ? ? ?

while Dr. Phil chats it up with the women from The View

Waiting rooms are a great place for material, that's for sure

But I'm musing about the blue triangle 

Elizabeth gave Claire for her birthday,
how the light comes through the center  
and how it sorta 

stands on its own two feet 

or knees?

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