Saturday, November 3, 2012

Things Haven't Been The Same

Things haven't been the same since Claire turned 13.
The house has gotten cold, light switches don't work, we're flushing toilets with the old yellow bucket.


Before Sandy hit land we watched videos of Claire from years ago. She was such a cute baby. We kept oohing and aahing while I couldn't help noticing (kinda hard not to) how much younger I looked or thinner Michael was and how goo-goo ga-ga we were over our little girl. We still are. Really.

Still, I'm thinking she needs

to lighten up on the birthday energy.

last year = snow storm
this year = hurricane sandy

A friend said, 

"So many people are in worse shape, I know, but I'm so done."

with no heat, running water, lights.

It's getting colder. And occasionally tense. And then very funny, almost maniacally so. I knew we'd crossed into new territory when we tacked up a bed sheet between rooms to keep the heat in the fireplace room. I've slept with Chewy, the big-eared dog since Tuesday night. Michael prefers the morgue-like temps of our bedroom. I think try sleeping with husband. I walk in, walk out and curl up like a dog with my dog in front of fire.

I'm writing to you from our local library.

library = kind of church

So many people love and use this library which makes me want to shout that if you don't get out and vote for President Obama, Willard Mitt Romney will not only be de-funding Big Bird, but our local libraries too. 

Please VOTE.


But I digress as I often do. 

I'm thinking about you and all the people out in the world... 

Showering in the locker room at the University with strangers has been an eye-opener. Scrubbing up my arm pits while the young woman in the black and white polka dot bikini tells me about how she's studying biology and wants to be a physician's assistant made me feel very happy. And so did the hot water. double wow

Claire was mortified that I was naked while showering in the open space but...

People are kind. People need hot showers. And water to brush their teeth. Some people need places to stay. Some people lost their homes completely in this mess. I thought I couldn't imagine this but now I kinda can. ever so slightly.

We had dinner at friends who were also out of power but they have a cozy wood stove cranking so it was a lovely social time, chatting over pasta and cups of red wine with candles everywhere.

We really are all in this together. 

This is a rambler, I know. 
Forgive me.
I've been wearing my ski cap for days. 
My head is squeezed.
I feel slightly incoherent in general.

stoke the fire

thanks to my incredible daughter, Jess, for bringing extra wood over from her stacks xoxo

be safe
stay warm
help a neighbor,
keep your belly laughs coming...

and remember ~

and though we may be out of electricity we're 


xo b

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