Monday, March 4, 2013

The Unfurling of the Day

Today is cousin Sara's wedding anniversary. 

happy happy!

I always remember because of the message: 

to March Forth feels empowering, right?

and can't we all use that message most days...

be it baby steps or 

"mother may i" take one giant step...

softly, loudly, tip-toeing, shuffle shuffle, skip to my lou

simple steps, marching forth into our day.

Today's meditation from

The Language of Letting Go

We don't have to become overly concerned about changing ourselves. We can do our part, relax, and trust that the changes we'll experience will be right for us.


No fixing of Self required.

trust in the unfurling of the day.                                                                           

*claire flying with clouds on sand mountain at the ocean... xo 

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