Saturday, March 2, 2013

Twenty Seconds

It dawned on me just now, today, a day late

that yesterday was the third anniversary of  

~ This Being Alive     

[first post: March 1, 2010] 

Rather than prattle on about 

all the things on my mind

and you, dear readers,

know my mind by now  

whoa baby!  so balanced, right?

I'm offering

twenty seconds of bliss. 

to all of you Being Alivers 

shout out to our newest members!!!

click on (see ocean @ top!)
close eyes
drop those shoulders

I started this blog,

trusting my path unflinching 

and most days I'm on the path...

except when I'm completely freaking out

thanks for

reading [and writing back!] 
following along with the bouncing ball
and sticking around

i love you.
xo b

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