Friday, February 22, 2013

The One Line

On Monday we went to visit Dad in Mrs. Bush's Personal Care Home where he lives. Most of the time, I feel initially anxious going because I just do. But once I see Dad, it melts away.

He was in the big room for the morning stretch class when I walked in. A Big Grin lit up his face when he realized it was me coming across the room, Big Grin too, arms wide open.

It's nice that your very presence can light up another person in that really lit up thing kind of way because most of the time, it's not quite like that, unless it's your toddler. 

Toddlers bring out 

That really lit up thing.

and lately I've been pulling out pictures of my girls when they were toddlers because of that very feeling, but you can't go back and that's been making me a little sad. But I'm wandering.

Claire and Michael said hello, then decided to go sit in the sun room. I stayed for the class, my chair next to Dad's.

Ruth was there.
Rose was there.
Jenny was there.
Jenny whispered that Dad was taking her for a walk after lunch. 

But this blog is already too long. The plan was to keep it short, not wander. I wanted to share the one line that Ashley, the young instructor encouraged us to do after she said,

tilt the chin down
lift the chin up
lift our right arm
lift our left arm
clasp hands and raise both arms up
tap the toes
tap the heels

You'd think a class in a home for the elderly as Dad laughingly calls it, would be boring. Au contraire.

It was a moving meditation of the body,

all while sitting in a chair. Some people with their walkers parked next to them. One woman, who reminded me of a sweet potato, had a strap around her waist for the aides to help keep her steady on her pins when she walked. Yes, there was the lady in the back of the room who consistently shouted out,

I can't hear a word you're saying!!!

Even after another woman said, "Then move up to the front, for God's sake!" 

after the third outburst of 

I can't hear a word you're saying!!! 

young Ashley smiled and spoke a bit louder and then said the line I've been getting to all along

take the weight off your shoulders.

xo b

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