Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lions, Tigers, Wild Strawberries

Last Friday I had a reunion with a friend who shared a lot of stories and tales and general good-ness which was really really good, since I'd been feeling overly agitated about a work-situation. 

I'd been trying to let go but really sucking at it. 

There's a saying: 

Letting Go doesn't need to be practiced, 

it just needs to be done. 

Right. really sucking at it

John was telling me a story about tigers and lions on each side of a person, while said person,who happens to be hanging from a cliff, enjoys the juice and sweetness of a wild strawberry. 

Lions, tiger, cliff hanging, wild strawberry. 

Our visit was all of an hour and then John left. I don't know when I'll see him again. The last time was at least twenty years ago. 

But here's the thing/And this is not new stuff.

In each moment we making offerings to all we meet: 
dear friend
the cashier
a student
a co-worker
mail carrier
a neighbor 
the one you find so damn difficult 

not you, of course.

What we offer sticks, one way or the other.
What we offer, however brief the exchange, matters.

Not in a life-shattering way, although it could be, I suppose. You could, by accident? burst out at your lover or child something so awful, create such a disturbance, they will never forget it. 

Or you. 

John said, "Let go. More."

Then he laughed. John = grin-master and Boddhisattva.

I felt a wave of peace float through me, or more true, 

I was the wave of peace. for about ten seconds.

I've written it down so I can breathe let go more while at work or home, or when that familiar agitation begins to arise, 

remember those darling worries? 

fear doubt judgement freak-out agitation


For today: be your own wave of peace

namaste ~


  1. That's a good mantra to remember, as Oak is home today from a stomach bug. 5th day home in a row home from school. That's why I work from home, right? Let go more... be my own peace... looking out the bedroom window at the snow can certainly provide serenity... if you let it. Enjoy February 19th!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Yup. Let go more...be my own peace...

    and one I like: practice serenity.

    Because all of this is one big practice anyway...

    Here's to health in your home and a break for you.