Thursday, February 14, 2013

But She Wants The Groom

It was brief and to the point:



Were you planning on getting something for Elizabeth for Valentine's Day?


Well, if you really want to make her day, she's been saving up for a Bridegroom Ken.

Saving up? For a Bridegroom Ken?

That's what she wants. She's been saving up.

Okay, Bridegroom Ken. I'll get her that.

Later via text

What about Beach Ken? He's much more laid back, there's no marriage involved, and he's been price-cut? How about him?

Sorry, Mom, but she wants the groom.

So, I got the kid the groom. She's six. What does she know between beach guy and groom guy. What does anybody know. Looks can be deceiving. Maybe Beach Ken has addiction issues, or hates his mother. Or maybe he's a flipping billionaire who spends his day surfing and working with former gang members. Maybe Bridegroom Ken has a great sense of humor and never smoked, ever. Or maybe he's a crack head. You don't know until you get up close and personal. And even then, it's an ever-changing tide.

waves of love flow in and out and in and out and in 

Oh Valentine's Day!

be gentle with yourself,
and those you love.
and go for what you want.

even if his hair looks like a rug. 

sorry Ken but it's true. you've always had bad hair.

xo b

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