Monday, March 11, 2013

You're Supposed To Be Lost

Life can be so damn weighty
crushing in some ways, especially for kids. 
There's a river of insanity-fear-based thinking running through the heart of our schools, driving the way teachers teach and students learn, so much emphasis placed on numbers 

on SAT scores and GPA 


what are you doing  
where are you going 
what's your game plan
what do you want to be 
who are you going to be
come on come on come on come on

pant pant pant

In response to this breathlessness,

We threw a different kind of ESU Saturday 

Inspiration Saturday.

We got on our mats.

We talked, wrote. 

We had The Fantastic 4

fantastic college students from the ESU Art Association take time out of their Saturday to be with our high school students in the most open-hearted way. They shared stories about their own college journeys, each one was so different, and not always linear the way we like to think things should go. 

Life ain't a straight line, right?

Angel, Matthew, Evelyn and David...

During circle time, how I love circle time!

A student said, 

"Well, when I was fourteen I was pretty lost but I think I know what I want to do now." she's 16

Matthew, one of the Fantastic 4 said, 

"I think you're supposed to be lost when you're fourteen." 


It was such an ease-filled morning, 

shoulders dropped, 
people chatting
just hanging out

+ a little body art a teeny tiny bit addictive

A question was posed:

What, if anything, are you seeking?

Angel the angel at the top of the page wrote 

I'm seeking my own. What I mean by my own is independence. I don't want to sound like a typical teenager that wants to be free but I do want to be free. I'm seeking happiness and adventure. I want to be different and change things for myself. 


That afternoon, Angel of the pink hair texted me:

Hey Ms. Jackson
I'm having such a good day now
I feel great
Thank you very much!

here's to being different.
here's to changing things for ourselves.
here's to independence and freedom

+ adventure. 

here's to more Inspiration Saturdays and Mondays and...

here's to finding our own.

xo b


  1. I sure wish your circles weren't so far away, I'd have loved to sit in on those conversations. Great work you do Bets, master of changing lives in small but immensely powerful ways.

  2. Hey Katie-girl!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    You are in my thoughts always, in my circle always.
    Yes, some days it feels way too small, the changes,
    I long for a tsunami of change, the world feels so off the wall.
    But it's with baby steps, you pointed that out to me,
    that is how we make the change happen.
    xo b