Monday, May 13, 2019

Best Thing I Ever Did 🌀

May 13. 2019

I always wanted to be a Mom.

I didn't necessarily want to be a wife. I mean, that wasn't my driving longing in life. 

But holding my own baby, yes. Watching Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the middle of the day, yes. Because my daughters are eighteen years apart, I was blessed to have two rounds of Fred Rogers and Bert and Ernie. Some days I needed those shows more than my kids.

I had two rounds of running around in rainstorms, telling stories while they soaked in the tub while I sat on the floor drinking wine, trips to the supermarket in butterfly wings, maybe no panties - if you can't beat them, join them? I always wanted my own pair of sparkly wings.

Conversely, I learned that wearing underwear in layers is an option, that all you need is a wagon and an umbrella and maybe some goldfish (the kind you eat) + you've got yourself a home close enough so Mom can see you through the window while you're parked in the driveway. I learned never go anywhere without a Go Bag: a book, snacks, a drink, change of clothes.

Oh, Moms can tell many happy, funny tales. We never tire.

I know too:

Not everyone has kids.
Some people have Moms who die too young.
Some people have Moms who are kind of crazy and not that fun to hang with.
Mothering can be lots of things that have nothing to do with kids.

This whole thing is a wild, wonderful, sometimes really weird crapshoot.

I'm feeling lucky:
My own mother was the sun to our family solar system. ☀️
My daughters are smart, lovely, funny, strong, kind people. Did I say funny?
Jesse + Claire - dearest and most cherished people.

I celebrate my good fortune, every day.

Hands down, best thing I ever did.

xo b

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