Monday, May 20, 2019

Turtle Medicine 🐢

May 20. 2019

Here is a message from Turtle, of hidden strengths and talents, patience and support from both the Universe and Mother Gaia herself. Turtle is here to tell us that no matter how large an obstacle seems, with perseverance and faith, it will be overcome...

Yet Turtle is not in a rush. There is no stress, no overwhelm, just graceful, consistent, steady progressions. Work with Turtle Medicine and patience, calm, balance, and grace is yours. Slow down and experience the world around you in detail. Connect to Mother Earth and all her wonders. Nurture and protect your creative projects in your heart.

- Jamie Sans (Medicine Cards)

Thanks to my dear brother, Rob, for sending this tiny movie of Turtle. With the full moon and all the swirling energies of these times we live in, this is a beautiful and timely message:

• slow down 
• practice infinite patience with oneself (and others)
• tune into the wonders everywhere
• trust in the creative process inherent in everything

... lay your eggs and see what happens 

xo b

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