Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greeted By The Morning Moon

This morning, I rolled out of bed, slipped my feet into Michael's big boots, pulled on his gray ski cap. The taking Chewy out in the morning look is pretty much whatever I can grab and go. Needless to say, the dog wouldn't care if I was bare-assed naked; I can't speak for my neighbors. 

We were making our way through the crunchy snow when I saw it; a big, golden coin of moon, hanging over the tall pines.  

Where was my mind right before I looked up? Untangling some worry? Not today. I think I was laughing out loud watching Chewy trying to run on the slippery snow, his legs splaying out like Bambi.

[And I'm happy to report that I've been making some progress with that worry thing.] 

Anyway, that fat yellow moon stopped me in my tracks. Chewy skidded to a halt on the icy snow, banging into my leg. 

I thought, 

Here you go, sister. It's an invitation.

To pause.
To look up
And be greeted by the morning moon. 


  1. quite a stark way for nature to say, "hey! new beginnings can happen, even with the presence of the past (past worry/anxiety/depression/heartbreak/regret) hanging in the foreground!"
    reconciliation of the past can be stunning (just like your picture)
    keep working on that worry thing, you'll work out the kinks :)

  2. Oh wise one! Thanks for checking in, as always. It was something to see the full moon up, while the sun was rising on the other side of the house.
    Love those moments.

    love you...