Saturday, January 22, 2011

Satya Yoga

SATYA YOGA = my leap for 2011. 

First class today; I'm thinking, well, if nobody shows, I'll do my practice anyway. Oddly, I did not feel sad, or worried about this. It felt good to be in the simple space, nothing but wood floor, a brick wall, sun streaming in the window. I lit candles and did two sun salutations. I sat on my mat. I twiddled my thumbs. 

The clock ticked. Hmmm, how will you feel if it's just you, alone? Oddly, still not sad or worried. Well, maybe a little. Then, I heard a voice at the door and there was Ella. A minute later, her friend, Kristen showed up. 

It was a good class. At the end, the two women were covered in soft blankets resting in the quiet. They looked happy, dreamy. They said they'd come back again. 

So, leap and the net will appear.
two students turns to four turns to...

I guess I wanted to let you know that I've found work outside of my writing room, aka bedroom. That I'm trying to make a living, be a productive citizen, get people breathing again. Something like that.

Either way I'm having trouble telling you about my new business without it sounding like an ad, or worse, shameless marketing? 

Satya = living your truth so what the hell, in over 300 posts I don't think I've put one link...or I tried once but couldn't figure it out. Anyway, indulge me. Click the link to Ken & Co home page. You'll see the New Yoga with a woman who looks nothing like that and you'll come to my yoga page. If you live near by, come breathe with me. And if you live in Arkansas, no matter. Stop by when you're in town. 



  1. Todays class was beautiful.
    It is exactly what I need, can't wait for next saturday.

  2. Hello Mama Ella!
    So glad to hear from you and so glad to have had your beautiful energy for class. Really grateful. Thanks for checking in and jumping on board, This Being Alive!!!