Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good With My Time Here

Sam was out running with her dog when she came upon a small tree that had fallen across the path. When she moved the tree, a sudden terrible pain pierced her chest. Somehow she managed to get home to her husband and three children. That same day, she had emergency triple by-pass heart surgery.

When I heard the news, I damn near fell to my knees. 
How could this happen? 
She's young, fit, forty. 
It happened.

I was lucky and this was a freak thing, she wrote in an email. I still have "lots of livin' to do" (to quote Bye Bye Birdie)! I will value that and be good with my time here.

Sam is very lucky and very brave.

Just for today, let's feel very lucky (and very brave) too.  

Repeat after me:

I will be good with my time here
I will be good with my time here.
I will be good with my time here.


  1. I'm so glad that Sam is okay!! What a scary reminder of how short our time here can be...thanks for the mantra Bets....I've been in need of something positive to tell myself lately. (and something motivational, a good kick in the butt to LIVE)

  2. Hola, thanks for writing. I know what you mean. I welcome kicks in the butt. Be very gentle with yourself...

    So, let's say it together:

    I will be good with my time here.
    I will be good with my time here.

    xoxo b