Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Watch And Witness

Open the door to all of what comes up.

This is what I tell people during writing or yoga practice.
Sounds like a plan but let's face it. This is difficult. The push to edit our feelings is huge.

I am working on allowing it all to come up.

Sounds like vomiting, I know; some moments feel like that. Others, light as a feather. Easy, no pushing. Then, labor. Then, a white puffy cloud in a blue sky. Then rain.

I am learning, at this late date, to watch and witness. 

"I feel like I'm in labor," I told Michael the other morning.
He looked at me, tilting his head like the dog?

Doors are opening all the time.

This is a good mantra when feeling closed in, antsy and impatient, or believing you are compass-less.

Doors are opening all the time. 

Which brings me back to something I've probably written here before but am being urged (by whom or what?) to repeat ~

hint: the cage is not locked.

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