Thursday, January 5, 2012

Éste Será Mi Año.

I'm having a spell of misplacing things. 

my reading glasses (while looking at glasses in the pharmacy)
Dad's important papers in a brown manila envelope
a lens cap must be in a coat pocket
underwear? in the laundry basket that never gets emptied?

I prefer to use misplaced rather than lost. It's more hopeful. Besides, I keep hearing Maura Laura (pronounced Mauer Lauer?) say ~

nothing is ever lost in God's universe.

Mower, or Mauer, or Maura was the building manager for Michael's apartment complex on Carmelina Avenue in warm, sunny Santa Monica. 

Mauer Lauer was a dark-haired smiling woman who made us a fancy going-away breakfast in honor of Michael and I driving east to start our life together...

Thermometer reads: barely thirty, yesterday fifteen.

Why didn't I move to Southern California again?

So, this is a rambler, I know, forgive me. It's hard to concentrate in the winter. I'm a bear, in a woman's body. I should be sleeping until the snowdrops magically appear, all green and white and full of hope.

But, in the spirit of the new year I'm not worrying about lost, misplaced, glasses or important papers. 

liar liar pants on fire.

They will reveal themselves. Or I'll get another cheap pair at the CVS. Glasses can be replaced. 

the underwear concerns me

Important papers? Who's the saint of lost things?

Repeat after me...

Éste será mi año. 

This will be my year. ❤


  1. Amen! You are echoing my mantra of the week (in so many words). Happy 2012!

    (PS - St Anthony)

  2. Wonderful! Oh, I need St. Anthony! Help me find the brown envelope...

    Happy New Year!