Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Choose Tingling

Claire did a lot of sighing at the bus stop this morning. It was dark, cold, and the first day back to school after a lovely, long break. I sat with my ski cap pulled down and offered up a few possible alternatives to the day being a complete freak-out. 

"You might try accepting being freaked-out," I said.
"Really, Mom?"
"I know, sounds weird, but it's a new strategy I'm trying. Just sharing."

It's hard to get back in the saddle. 

Before we headed out, I read, much to her chagrin, a passage from her book.

Mom! That's mine.

It's a book called today i will by Eileen and Jerry Spinelli; two fine authors who put together a year of quotes, notes, and promises to myself...

January 3

There's something about a blank page that makes me tingle. - from Jazmin's Notebook
                                                                                                                     by Nikki Grimes

You can take those words- a blank page - literally, or you can take them to mean any aspect of your life that is empty, a blank space. We all have blank pages in our lives: a thank-you or an apology not yet expressed, a forgiveness not yet offered, a challenge not yet attempted, a vegetable not yet tasted. Do the blank pages in your life make you tingle? Or retreat?

There's a stack of blank pages in my life. Some of them, frankly, don't exactly excite me. But others do. Today I'll pick one out and fill it in.

When it comes to writing, I love blank pages. But in life, I admit to not always tingling over the empty space in front of me. Quickly filling in the blank pages is my attempt at security. 

isn't that what we all want? to feel secure?  safe? to already know? maybe not.

Maybe it's having a kid on the cusp of her teen years with so much before her. Maybe it's my own middle-aged self with so much behind me, but so much before me too. I'm getting back in the saddle. Today I begin a new chapter in my work life. stay tuned. 

A blank page. 

And still so many other things I want to do...

learn spanish  
write more plays
meet new people
go to new places
make a short film
laugh a whole lot more
take things less seriously 
swim with dolphins
anything that leads to more joy and less worry thank you, poet Marie Howe

today i choose tingling. 

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